Kudos for having completed our Basic Photography Workshop.

NOW, are you ready to take your photography game to the next level? Are you ready to click spectacular and mesmerizing photographs? Are you willing to do what it takes to become not just a good but a GREAT photographer? Join us in our Advanced Photography Workshop which brings to you the 10-step formula of amazing photography! Explore your creative capacities and expand your horizons with different perspectives to become the best photographer you can be! 

A workshop that will push you, guide you, improve you, correct you, and will allow you a peek into the life of professional photography. You do not want to miss out on this golden opportunity to be the best! Learning made fun with this 6-day workshop to ensure that you live up to your potential as a photographer with a bright future. 

Our 10-step formula for teaching,

combined with excellent mentorship to foster creativity, is bound to get you the results you are looking for! For all the passionate photographers who wish to make it ahead in this competitive line of artistry and creativity, this workshop is a godsend! Climb the ladder of photography by polishing your creativity and improving your techniques exponentially in just 6 days! Expand your skill-set and surpass your competition by learning a wide range of tips and tricks used by professional photographers. 

Here is a glimpse into Our 10 Step Formula To Become the Best Photographer in Just 6 Days!!!

1. How To Use 01 Light, 02 Light, and Multiple Lights

A photograph is as good as its lighting. Learn all the hacks that a great photographer should know when it comes to different types of lightings in a studio set-up. Learn to work with artificial lighting to make your photographs stand out.

2. How to Use Exposure Triangle Effectively 

The Exposure Triangle comprises an aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. These three camera and lens controls work together to regulate the amount of light that makes it to the light-sensitive surface and the sensitivity of that surface. If you want your photography to be brilliant, learning how to work these controls is crucial. 

3. Exposure Triangle in Wildlife Photography

Capturing the mighty animal kingdom requires techniques and tactics that bring out the best of the subject. The technical aspects of wildlife photography must be mastered before the creative aspects can excel. Learn how to work aperture, ISO and shutter speed to enhance your photography. 

4. Understand The Difference Between Nature and Wildlife Photography

The distinction between wildlife and nature photography might be a simple one but is important for photographers to understand as it can have wide implications on your fieldwork. Learn all about what nature photography comprises and what comes under wildlife photography. 

5. Fashion Photography: What All Goes Behind It

The world of fashion is glamorous and vogue but also complicated and chaotic. Learn all about fashion photography, what it entails, what skills you would need to refine to make it as a fashion photographer, and how to collaborate with other fashion professionals to make a name in the industry.

6. Learn The 8 Rules of Photography Composition

If you want your photographs to be aesthetic and thematic, you need to know the 8 rules of composition and their application. This workshop will equip you with framing techniques, following patterns and lines, and getting creative with colours and backgrounds by following the rules of composition for fantastic results.

7. How to Shoot Food

Learn how to tell a tale with food. Food photography is a genre that requires compelling talent. It becomes challenging because it requires a balance of creativity and technique. This comprehensive workshop will give you insights into the world of food styling and photography, from plate-styling and scene composition to hacks about the shooting, processing, and editing of images.

8. Understand Focus and Auto-Focus

The intrinsic details about manual and automatic focus on your cameras are necessary to grasp to ensure full control over the pictures you click. Learn about when to use manual focus and when to put autofocus to use to derive the best photographs that you can click. Learn how to switch between the different focus modes and use the types to your advantage.

9. 6 Rules of Portrait lighting

Going beyond the fundamentals of lighting to the major rules of portrait lighting and techniques for their applications is a necessary step to level up your photography game. Learn all about the laws of light and how to use them to your benefit by playing with lights and shadows for pictures that truly impress!

10. Understand Your Camera In-Depth

Learn what your camera dials say, and how to use that information to click better photographs. Move beyond the default settings to make full use of your cameras and move a step ahead in creativity. Learn all the functions that your camera can perform which can help you grow and improvise as a photographer and an artist. 

This 10-step formula is your road to success as a photographer! We are willing to bet on it!  This comprehensive and exciting workshop will challenge your extent of knowledge, help you gain expertise in various genres of photography, and grasp the technicalities of next-level photography so that your skills and talent become UNDENIABLE!


Tips on Female and Male Model Posing

Help your models become more photogenic by guiding their poses so that your pictures can turn out just like you want. Learn several tips and hacks to make your models more comfortable for natural and improved photographs. 

Kids and babies photography

A special section of the workshop is dedicated to photographing kids and babies to help you tackle the various obstacles that this type of photography entails. Learn the tactics to manage magical snapshots of children, from their posing to angles to props.

So, are you ready to come aboard this train where learning is fun? Are you ready to try out our fool-proof 10-step formula to become a successful photographer? You better be!

Event Info

  • Location: 416 Pratap Bhavan, 05, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, ITO, New Delhi, Delhi 110002
  • Date: 25 DEC 2022
  • Time: 10:00 am - 01:00 pm
  • Phone: 01234567899