We all have a creative side. There is a curiosity to explore the world’s beauty in all living beings and I’m here to tell you how photography is perhaps one of the best ways to do so!

Capturing colours, discovering nature from a whole other perspective, and developing an insight into the art of the world is a refreshing journey that I would wish all of you to undertake! 

The world can be a hectic, chaotic place where photography can provide solace and comfort. It is a form of therapy, a distraction from the daily monotonous life. The creative process of photography is so enjoyable and beautiful that you can learn it even if you have no intention of pursuing it professionally. Simply developing a hobby of photography will give you a striking new outlook on life. And so I say that you must learn photography! 

  1. Do Not Worry About DSLRs

If you’re worried about starting on the path of photography because of the expensive equipment you would require, don’t be. The quality of the photographs and images you can take just with your current smartphone is incredible. You need not sweat about having to buy a DSLR in order to get into photography. 

  1. Freezing Time

Life goes by so fast and we often wish we could just freeze a moment and live it again and again. Well, photography gives you that power, kind of. Capturing your life’s beautiful moments allows you to store memories that you can relive again later in life. It is like documentation you make of your life that you and your family can enjoy years down the line and laugh and cry about. 

  1. Live in the Moment

You become much more watchful and conscious of the lovely small things that encircle you when you take photographs. Light, shadows, patterns, frames, and colours, all become much more apparent. You come to notice beautiful features such as connections, emotions, gestures, and sentiments, as well as little, routine details that you wouldn’t have otherwise. You begin to live more fully and appreciate life like never before.

  1. Capture Your Vision

What’s more aggravating than wanting to capture a shot of those lovely trees when the sun is setting, but when you do, it simply looks washed out and sloppy? Nothing. Capturing the beauty of the world, the vibrance and the different elements is a difficult feat but not impossible. You can learn to take photos of exactly what you see and that is a wonderful feeling! To be able to capture photographs that accurately depict what you’re seeing (and, in some cases, even make it seem better!) is priceless!

  1. You Want To Explore More

When you get in the habit of photographing your life, you are motivated to explore and discover more. Your wanderlust is re-awakened and you wish to experience novelty so that you can capture it. this will help you live life more vicariously, all thanks to the love you will develop for photography.

There are so many more countless reasons that you need to adopt the craft of photography that will enrich your life and make you a storyteller. It will spark your creativity and become an outlet for your artistic side.  

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Why Hashtags Are So Important in Social Media 

The hashtag has grown into a social media sensation. Today, it’s uncommon to see a social media post these days that doesn’t include one, particularly on Twitter and Instagram. it has turned into a huge phenomenon because of its sheer simplicity and efficacy. It’s easy enough to make and search, and it’s proven to be an effective marketing tool for corporations, organisations, celebrities, and even the regular person.

But exactly does a hashtag have made it into a necessary currency when it comes to social media?

Integral to digital marketing, you can follow specific hashtags to remain up to speed on a current subject or trend, develop your own hashtag to advertise a new product or service, search hashtags to cut through the digital clutter and discover what you’re searching for, and so much more. 

Some Fundamentals First

  • They come with the # sign. 
  • They don’t work if there are spaces or punctuation. 
  • They require that your account is public, otherwise, those who don’t follow will not see the hashtagged material you create.
  • The best hashtags are usually brief and simple to remember.
  • Use hashtags that are relevant and specific. They will be difficult to locate if they are too vague, so other social media users won’t use them.

Why Use Hashtags

  1. Simplifying Searching on Social Media

When you search for a hashtag, you’ll see results for every post that uses that hashtag. Using a hashtag allows you to connect with your target audience while also making it simpler for others to locate your content. Using specific popular hashtags can help new users discover you and engage with your brand.

  1. Explore Your Competition

If you are doing business on social media, you might want to know how your competitors are fairing. Hashtags help you look through your competitors’ accounts, how they advertise and which type of their efforts are getting results. You can then use this to strategize your own use of social media in a way that benefits you.

  1. Engaging Your Audience

Knowing how to use hashtags can significantly improve your brand’s social media engagement regardless of whatever social media platforms it utilises as a part of its social media strategy. When you use hashtags in your posts, it indicates that you are participating in dialogue happening on the internet. It makes your contributions visible in that discussion. This may lead to more interaction, resulting in more likes, shares, comments, and new followers for your company on social media.

  1. Promoting and Increasing Visibility

Creating your brand’s online presence in a way that is popularised is a tedious task but hashtags make the process much simpler. They assist marketers and companies in developing targeted marketing strategies. When you use a hashtag to promote a campaign, your followers will use the same hashtag, and their followers will use it, and so on, giving the campaign a lot of relevance and visibility.

If you weren’t already using hashtags, this is sure to have convinced you that you must start! Whether you’re a new company trying to build a brand image, a well-known company introducing a new product, or a company wanting to support a political or philanthropic cause, hashtags are a proven method to get your message through on Instagram and other social media platforms. Happy Hashtagging! 

Prospects of a Career in Photography

Travelling the world with a camera in hand has become the most fashionable thing these days. But people are getting serious nowadays even about something they see as nothing more than a passion project. Photography is one of those areas that mostly always begins as leisure and evolves into a full-fledged profession. So, if you think your interests and skills are apt for something more than just a hobby, now is the moment to recognise your talent and transform it into a solid career. Here is everything you need to know about the prospects of a career in photography.

Why Pursue Photography as a Career Choice

In the last several years, the scope of photography as a profession has evolved dramatically. Traditionally, photography was limited to events, weddings, and movies; however, in recent years, the growth of e-commerce, advertising, mass media, and other related fields has created a large demand for professional photographers, transforming the field into a lucrative and exciting career option.

Photography is the perfect blend of science and art. Operating technical gear while seeing the world and capturing it through the eyes of an art-lover. So if you can see yourself managing the world of technicalities and creativity, getting crafty with locations and backdrops, designs and aesthetics, photography is definitely a great option for you to make a career. 

How To Begin?

  1. Take Courses And Workshops

While the thought of simply monetizing your hobby is appealing, beginning with academic training is a must You need to equip yourself with the fundamentals, learn all there is to know about the field and become comfortable with camera equipment, rules and laws of lights for capturing the perfect shot, compositional rules and other such key skills that every photographer must know if they want to make it. Formal training will also allow you exposure to the experts and mentors of the field which will help you learn and grow. 

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

Theoretical learning is important but no substitute for actual experiences of holding your camera and clicking and editing shots. Look for internships or shadowing positions with professional photographers so that you can learn and gain insights into what all goes behind the perfect photograph. 

  1. Career Paths: Choosing a Niche

Learning about photography in your formal training will help you in your next step as you choose among the various paths that you can take as a photographer. You need to explore, through research and experience, among the various genres of photography to know where you fit. Is it fashion photography that appeals to you the most or is it wildlife photography that best suits your interest? Look through the options: fashion, wedding and events, commercial product advertising, photojournalism or freelancing.  

  1. Work To Build a Portfolio

It’s just as essential to overtly display your work as it is to do an outstanding job. You need to make a portfolio, blog, or website which can then be converted into a marketing brochure of your skills. Making a portfolio communicates your perspectives, abilities, talents, and other attributes while also giving you a professional appearance. You may exhibit your work on your own blog or website to enhance your chances of being discovered. 

Know that this path won’t be easy, but then which path is it? And if you persevere, it is absolutely worth it! Your patience, dedication and passion will bear fruits, all you have to do is be consistent and work hard. Develop a relationship with your camera like it is a part of you, work on every project like it will make or break your career and never let go of your perceptive curiosity and you are good to go!

Want to start right away? Check out our courses on photography and design at www.iapd.in! Want to get a feel of the water? Join our day-long and week-long workshops to get the ball rolling in your career as a photographer. Good Luck!