BRAND NEW: Exclusive Workshop on Photography by Samm

Shoot Like a PRO in 05 Days

India’s first-ever No-Professional Software workshop for all the makers and creators.

Starting from 20th July 6:00pm - 7:00pm




All these, without stepping out of your home & at the price of just Pizza!

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"A workshop that will push you, guide you, improve you, correct you, and will allow you a peek into the life of professional photography."

*Very limited seating - only 100 spots for each Workshop we do... HURRYYYYY!!!!!*

What You Will Learn In This Live Workshop

So, are you ready to come aboard this train where learning is fun? Are you ready to try out our fool-proof 03 step formula to become a successful photographer?

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Original Value ₹6999 - Limited Time Offer!

Chapters of 05 Days Live Workshop

Day 01 : Photography: An Introduction

✅ Photography as an Introduction
✅ How many professions can there be related to Photography?
✅ Digital and Analog Photography
✅ Photography from the eyes of a common Human
✅ Camera types - SLR - DSLR - Point & Shoot - Polaroids etc.
✅Wide and zoom Lenses
✅Macro lenses
✅Fish-Eye lens
✅Activity - 01

Day 02 : Cameras for Professional Photography

✅ Professional Photography equipment
✅ Difference between Outdoor and Indoor Photography
✅How to hold the camera during Photography
✅Learn to frame objects around you
✅What is Landscape and Portrait Photography?
✅Learn about Rembrandt Lighting
✅Learn about butterfly lighting
✅Activity - 02

Day 03 : 03 Essential Rules of Photography You Must Learn

✅ 03 Amazing rules of Photography - That will change your perspective - Rules of Eight - Leading lines
✅Detailed information of Golden Hour and Blue Hour
✅Understanding of Hard and Soft Light
✅Understanding of Exposure Triangle - Aperture - Shutter Speed ​​- ISO
✅What is the Depth of Field
✅What is White Balance?
✅ What is a Megapixel?

Day 04 : No Camera, No Problem

✅ Learn to take Panorama Photos
✅What is editing software?
✅Enhance your Photo in just a few moments?
✅Presentation on some of the best photographers of the world

Day 05 : Portfolio Making

✅What is a Portfolio?
✅ How to create a Portfolio
✅Tips to make attractive Portfolio
✅Quick Recap

Original Value ₹6999 - Limited Time Offer!

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Original Value ₹6999 - Limited Time Offer!

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Original Value ₹6999 - Limited Time Offer!

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If you are looking to start from scratch or looking to improve in the field of photography, this workshop will help you!

Establish an Emotional Connection with your Pictures through Your Camera!

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3 Different Steps to make your photos look more perfect

"There's no shame in failing. The only shame is not giving things your best shot."

Original Value ₹6999 - Limited Time Offer!


About Your Trainer - Samm

NIFTian, Professional Photographer, Digital Marketer, Graphic Designer and UX Guy

A proficient expert in most genres of professional photography, be it advertising or fashion, corporate branding or editorials for international magazines, a globally renowned name in photography, Samm has worked on over 500 projects. What makes him a great teacher is his experience in the field but also his impeccable soft skills when it comes to shaping minds and sparking creativity. Several students have learned from and gained the mentorship of Samm which paved a path for stellar careers in the field of Photography. 

Samm brings his own person-life examples to make learning relatable and fun. Through this workshop, he aimed to make learning photography as accessible as it could be amidst lockdown. His fundamentals of teaching rest on experimenting and exploring how one can be the best version of themselves. Helping students break free from their preconceived notions of creativity and finding their true expression of art is where Sam shines. Learning from him is once in a lifetime opportunity that you would hate to miss! 

Original Value ₹6999 - Limited Time Offer!

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

I’ve tried my best to answer all frequently asked questions. For further queries, please email me at: My amazing support team will reply ASAP. 🙂

Anyone who is a novice or an amateur when it comes to photography and is looking for an introduction to the world of photography is welcome to enrol.
Yes, the entirety of the workshop will take place on online platforms like Zoom and Google Meet.

The Photography workshop is a 5 Day crash course aimed at helping aspiring Students & entrepreneurs start their own passion in a strategic, creatives manner, with more predictable world

Great Question. It is a mix of recorded as well as Live classes.

Shooting a snapshot like a pro takes certain tricks and this workshop will offer an insight into the mind of a professional photographer. This will help you shoot like a pro in just a matter of a few days.

The Workshop is for 5 days.

The class will start from 20th July & Will end on 24th July.

Once you register for the program, you will be directed to a common Whatsapp group through a link. You will have to join the group through the link. All the information will be shared within this group itself. Each day, a video link will be shared in the group. Participants are expected to go through the video and complete the task given and post their task in the group. All the queries can be asked and will be answered within the group itself and also in the live session on Friday.

It is a mix of online as well as a Live workshop

Yes! This workshop is open to aspirants of photography irrespective of the equipment they own. Even if you’re looking to learn photography using your mobile phone, this workshop will be key in helping you click creative photographs like never before
Enroll now by clicking on the button below landfill out the form. After you are enrolled, you will be sent a Whatsapp group link where all the updates about the classes will be communicated. Happy registering!

No, you don’t get lifetime access to the videos. But we understand, you might want some more time to absorb the information, hence you can view all the videos till the end of the week (Sunday Midnight).

Yes! You will receive recordings of all the live sessions. 

Thanks For Taking The Time To Read This Page.

You can see, right now, you’re getting this 5-Day WhatsApp Class together with bonuses worth Rs.8,199/- (only if you register before July 11th, 2021) for just Rs.499/- which is less than what you would pay for a Pizza🍕

Enjoy it.

Original Value ₹6999 - Limited Time Offer!



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